Horizon Stripe Separates Halter Bikini Top

Seafolly Bikinis - Innovative, Fashionable, High Quality Swimwear

You'll be saying much more than "G'day" when you see Seafolly swimwear. This line of Australian swim and beachwear is more than just another bunch of bikinis.

Since 1975 Seafolly designers have been producing beach clothing that creates the spirit of free-wheeling fun for which the land down under is known.

They've been doing much more, though. They've created a series of iconic bathing suits that are for much more than bathing and bumming near the sea.

Luckily, Seafolly bikinis are available all over. Those not fortunate enough to enjoy Australia's world-class beaches can enjoy the world-class swimwear.

Slip on a bikini and you'll see at once why Seafolly is so well known. Fashionable, fun, and full of life. That's Seafolly. That's you. That's a perfect partnership.